Someone made a video on how to use Chatlr. I’m counting this as my fifteen minutes of fame. It’s all downhill from here.

I keep getting accused of spamming or whatever, when all I'm trying to do is use the app to talk with ONE person, a mutual follower!

Don’t let people accuse you of anything. Chatlr has no authority. It is for you to forge your dreams of Tumblr chatting.

I received an email from a Chatlr user and I thought I’d share.

I briefly used Chatlr over a year ago, and was impressed by it, in terms of how well it worked and the amount of users on. I’m not trying to sound facetious here, but what happened? Do you know why so many users have stopped using it? It’s kind of interesting how users all flock to one product, make it uber popular, and then it just dies down, at no fault of the developers. This has happened with several mobile apps, too. It might be interesting to publish any user data you had, to see if the users gradually came/went away, or flocked there (ie highest number of connected users a day, or something).

The success of Chatlr hinged on Tumblr awareness. If I were to provide an infographic, you’d see a series of peaks and valleys all correlating to groups of Tumblr blogs based on country. I think it started with the United States, then Italy, then Mexico, then Chile, etc. Each previous country group seemed to complain about the new group and the cycle would continue. It was fun to watch.

I think if anything, I released Chatlr with too many performance issues so any initial popularity was sort of destroyed when it would crash hourly. Now I just keep it running because it is a fun project and the only way I actively keep up with Node.JS.

I tend to flock towards projects that leech off of other people’s APIs and platforms. I’ve additionally made a YouTube mixtape, an emerging charts app for SXSW, and a FourSquare Pokemon project, all with varying degrees of success, but they all relied on another API. It’s just fun to play with other people’s data.

Chatlr could perhaps be in the dashboard, would be better and easier.

You speak of dreams where Chatlr is an official part of Tumblr yet she is just a rogue service in the forest of hope.

Chatlr Mobile Hotfix

Chatlr has been fixed for iOS devices in Safari and Chrome. I’ve disabled a horrible Javascript Scrollbar solution in favor of default browser behaviors and some CSS3 webkit:

overflow: scroll;
-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;
can you put the room "chile" like a special just like "follow back"? i know that isn't the most used, but always the chilean have to create a new room called chile cause when there's nobady the room is deleted

Of course. Chile is now starred.

I have tried this today, but it only worked for about ten minutes and then sayd Oh, chatlr died! What happened?!

(Un)fortunately, Chatlr has suddenly become very popular again and the servers are under a lot of load. Sadly, since Chatlr is a pet project, it simply doesn’t have the kind of revenue to afford better servers as it’s already taking a loss.

I would like to know where can I see all the chatrooms

All public chatrooms are listed on the lower left side of while chatting. We are working to correct display issues in mobile devices.

can you explain the private rooms or send me a link if the question has been answered. I get how to create them but once you click out of them you can't get back in. how do other people get into the private room as well. will notifications pop up not to show how many are on chatlr but when there is a new msg if you go to a new window?

Private and Non Favorite Public rooms are ephemeral and exist as long as someone is in there. If you want to go back in, simply “Create” the room again and you can enter it.

Hello, as you can see for days I think the room "Chile" by which was filled up to 150 people in line that collapsed that good that arrangement, my question is how to convert a room or go out with favorite star?

It is up to Chatlr admins to favorite popular rooms. If you see a room becoming popular, feel free to Ask Chatlr and an admin will possibly favorite the room.